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Bu Travel Inn And Suites web sitesinde, kendiniz için daha değerli verilere sahip olmak için bodrum sunway hotel dışındaki bilgileri güncelleyebilirsiniz. travelinnandsuites.net web sitesinde, sizin için her gün yeni ve doğru bilgileri her zaman güncelliyoruz, Size en ayrıntılı bilgiye katkıda bulunmayı umuyoruz, İnternetteki haberi mümkün olduğunca çabuk kavrayabilmenize yardımcı olur.

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Marmaris Türkiye’de neden bu kadar popüler bir tatil beldesi? Elbette her bütçeye uygun seçebileceğiniz çok sayıda otel var. Plaj, küçük barlar ve restoranların sıralandığı uzun bir gezinti yolunun yanında uzun ve kumludur. Yaz mevsiminde turistlerle dolu canlı, hareketli bir tatil beldesine dönüşür. Marmaris’te en son 12 yıl önceydik, bu yüzden değişip değişmediğini görmek için onu ziyaret etmeye karar verdik! Ne kadar çok olduğuna şaşırdık! Türkiye’de yazın büyük bir bölümünde uygun fiyatlı, deniz ve garantili güneş ışığı sunan otellerle, belki de Marmaris tatil beldesi sizi bekleyen mükemmel bir tatil noktası olabilir!? Bu, 2021 Nisan ayının sonunda bazı kilitleme kısıtlamaları yürürlükteyken çekildi. Gelecekteki filmlerimizi kaçırmamak için beğenmeyi, abone olmayı ve bildirim ziline basmayı unutmayın. Mick ve Trudie Instagram’da Mick ve Trudie FaceBook’ta Begonville Beach Hotel Bağlantısı #marmaris #mickamca #turkey .

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bodrum sunway hotel.

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  1. bobstermaher diyor ki:

    Was a tossup between here and oludeniz. I'm glad we picked oludeniz as marmaris in parts looks a bit Blackpool with sun vibe. The old town where the locals hang looks nice but I hear you get mithered a heck of alot especially on an evening near restaurants and bars.

  2. John Rambo diyor ki:

    I remember back in the day, back when Turkish people were genuinely friendly
    Nowadays they are only interested in taking people's money
    Its sad to see what has happened to the place/people

  3. Sydney Wijesinghe diyor ki:

    Hi Mick/Trudie.
    You guys are doing a great job thank you for that.
    Please tell me can l buy a 1+1 in Fethya ,approx 30 to 40 sqm under 40,000£.
    I am really interested please give me
    best possible information you can.
    Thank for your kind cooperation.

  4. Bojan Krkov diyor ki:

    In spite of as a resident of Turkey I havent visited yet this place. Thank you very much for video soon I will ❤️

  5. Farit Abdrakhmanov diyor ki:

    I see it was so bad time due to the covid situation when no people, restaurants and bars were closed. And all the people were wearing masks. But this summer we were there. No masks, there have been crowds and all the restaurants, shops and hotel are working

  6. Tom Bartram diyor ki:

    I was here last year and met my beautiful fiancé. As soon as she flies out to Britain we'll marry. Her arrival has been delayed because the first time I sent her money for her flight she spent it on a life saving operation for her mother.
    That's what a kind person she is!

  7. MC Reaver diyor ki:

    Sorry but that’s one place in Turkey I would avoid. Good if u like sausage, chips and beans!
    Marmaris is like the Benidorm of Spain!
    Oludeniz, Cappadocia, Bodrum and Side are nicer and offer more authentic Turkish culture than the over touristic area of Marmaris 😬👍🏼

  8. Jim Akcelik diyor ki:

    I love Your videos outstanding ❤️I’m native Turkish residing in the United States for 33 years.Planning to go back home in few years.
    I’m thinking where should I go for retirement?
    Affordable to live? As a foreigner You are more knowledgeable😂 I haven’t been in turkey 22 years.I’m from Istanbul but don’t want live there
    Istanbul similar to Newyork city.

  9. James Alderson diyor ki:

    My family and I went to the grand cettia hotel in marmaris in 2018 and it was the best two weeks of my life. Amazing hotel and wonderful people. Love marmaris so much

  10. Steelraven07 diyor ki:

    I don’t like marmaris because the tourists ruin it and people there are less civilized and very arrogant if you want a nice place to go with civilized people go to Izmir or fethiye

  11. FlyingMonkies325 diyor ki:

    To start with they were already a poor country despite it being a resort country and it was still hard for them to find work but now with hotels keeping all the money while only hiring a few people the hotels are run down and you shouldn't expect much nor is paying more worth it, i know other countries are going to get modernized soon though because of upcoming technology that is already starting to automate things so perhaps they don't feel it's worth investing into things right now, every country has to stop using fossil fuels too thus the modern electric buses starting to show ups so A LOT more is going to change, i think we'll see whole new hotels being built and old ones knocked down.

    A lot of it is also just about money right now too and too many scams just like other countries, and even if you book an apartment or something they might try and go back on their word and put you into a really broken down moldy room that should not be used by anyone, then act like they're mad for not eating at the hotel bar all the time when the food isn't the best or is really bad cos they've fired all their chefs too and if they have one the food will be very basic just like all the hotels now, just stay away from the seafood if it's on the menu lol.

    Since 2008 it's been better just for a quiet holiday for 1 week – 10 days but you don't want to stay an extra 4 days… there's just not as much to do unless you like sports, but entertainment doesn't exist in hotels anymore and no kids clubs either cos they've cut back hugely on everything, it's going to be a few decades before things start being totally modernized so it's gonna be like this for a while now… shame cos it was a fun place but if you go with kids it's harder to find stuff to do your kids now if you take them. Me, my parents and brother are going in September (we hope anyway) but we'll just have to spend time on the beach, maybe do the safari jeep and then just chill and eat out as usual like the other times you've gone to Marmaris, better bring your word searches, a book and some music to keep you occupied.

    If you want to go for a trip go for the Turkish Night with a meal and dancers which is like 3 hours there the 3 course meal and drinks are good and so are the dancers, it's the only entertainment worth going to see now unless you can find a bar with some going on, the drag acts are really fun.

  12. Kevin C. Dooley diyor ki:

    Love your shows, earthy, straight from the hip and credible! Am doing my own show soon and wonder what type of editing equipment you use please?

  13. calum beaton diyor ki:

    We had one of our best holidays in early 90s in Mamaris, small family run hotel. Great company with the other guests only about 10 of us there, fantastic.

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