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What Happens When You Don't Pour 🍺 correctly 🤔 🙄
What Happens When You Don't Pour 🍺 correctly 🤔 🙄

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#Don39t #Pour #correctly.


What Happens When You Don't Pour 🍺 correctly 🤔 🙄.

international kokteyller.

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  1. CraftBrewsR diyor ki:

    Make sure to check out my other videos on my channel and subscribe for more beer content thanks for watching NOW Lets Debate 😀

  2. Sebastian Arena diyor ki:

    Ok but besides all the funny comments, as not much of a beer drinker myself, I always wondered why the how you pour the beer was important. So yknow, thanks for the knowledge!

  3. tt tt diyor ki:

    One that bloats me all day. You’re not a man if you’re drinking little bitch beer that doesn’t leave you feeling fat afterwards

  4. Zac Lewis diyor ki:

    The bartender in a hurry just left a 1/4th of my beer in the bottle and served me a beer with so much head that I can't drink it for 10 minutes.

  5. Luke Hernandez diyor ki:

    Pouring it fast makes the beer flat. No mouth feel and just gross. And it's actually slower to wait for that foamy mess to dissipate.

  6. Dale Babcock diyor ki:

    Consider no bartender actually pours a beer out of a bottle into a glass that I have ever seen In my 49 years of life, this video is nonsense

  7. Jeorge Mikhail Razon diyor ki:

    Which one would you drink?

    The one with the correct amount of what im paying for. Im drinking to enjoy the beer not the foam.

  8. ruizft diyor ki:

    Stella has its own glass. Bars put draft beers in pints so they really can’t rush a pour. Pour fast and you’ll lose the crisp cold beer and get flat chango piss.

  9. drakeotgf diyor ki:

    If someone were to put a sign that says "white men only" at a bar door, it would be considered illegal discrimination and would likely generate significant media attention. The person who put up the sign could face legal consequences, including fines and even jail time, depending on the severity of the offense and the laws of the state or country where it occurred. Additionally, the bar owner could face legal and financial consequences for allowing the sign to be posted on their property. If the person who posted the sign was caught on camera, it could be used as evidence in a legal case against them. Discrimination based on race is not acceptable in any form, and it's important to take action to prevent and address it. If you witness discrimination or are a victim of discrimination yourself, you should report it to the appropriate authorities.

  10. Michael Boyce diyor ki:

    All of that foam on top of the actual beer shows why you're behind the bar. It's called the "publican's profit". More foam and less beer = more money.

  11. Jay C diyor ki:

    I’m just rambling here but I think Releasing the CO2 with an aggressive pour and getting a foamy head won’t make you less gassy. It’s just going to take you more time to finish it due to the time that foam will take to settle into beer as you drink it. The bubbles are still releasing CO2 off with the slow pour, there’s just more of it contained in the liquid. My guess is this is fractions of an amount that don’t do a dick of difference In your stomach. Also carbonation is used to accentuate the mouthfeel of beer and allows the flavors to come forward so less CO2 isn’t necessarily a good things. I love John Taffer but this one looks like it’s clearly for the Spike TV audience.

  12. Formula Fun diyor ki:

    Thank you for the information
    But man who drink beer, should stop it
    That’s most Estrogenic drink known to mankind 🛑 🖐🏽
    That’s why every body who drinks beer regularly has beer belly

  13. Ernesto Besto diyor ki:

    I kinda get what he’s saying but shiet when I pour my beers fast they still look like the first result. If half my glass is foam ima say something.

  14. Devin Jewell diyor ki:

    I never really drank much. But I always assumed you didn’t want to mess up the bubbles for the same reason you wouldn’t want to drink a flat soda.

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