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Espresso Drinks Explained: Histories, Recipes and More…
Espresso Drinks Explained: Histories, Recipes and More…

Görüntülediğiniz Espresso Drinks Explained: Histories, Recipes and More… hakkında bilgi okumanın yanı sıra, O zaman travelinnandsuites.net günlük güncelleme yapan diğer makaleleri hemen aşağıda arayabilirsiniz.

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Espresso Drinks Explained: Histories, Recipes and More….

espresso con panna.

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  1. Andrew Mckee diyor ki:

    At long last someone answered the great question: what is the difference between a long black and an Americano? However, I beg to differ with your conclusions that there is not much difference. I have found almost all long blacks to be very good, whereas Americanos seem to be so often far too watered down. How I wish I could order a long black here in the US.

  2. Shena Luke diyor ki:

    also out of curiosity, I will be adding different flavors to all the different types of coffees that I am studying, after I do all the originals. After that , I am going to do a study and taste of every Keurig coffee pod that I can. My year is going to be filled with Coffee.

  3. Shena Luke diyor ki:

    I have been studing all these different drinks but I am just needing some clarification on the cup sizes in OUNCES for these drinks.

  4. HUN7ER diyor ki:

    Macchiatto should stay machiatto! With latte, flat and cappuccino there is really no need for another variation on the subject. But there is a need for a distinguished espresso shot with a dash of foam, no milk. At least that is how I like my macchiatto.

  5. Kerry Winter diyor ki:

    I believe here on the Canadian west coast your Red Eye is called a Cowboy Coffee… but nomenclature in and around Vancouver varies confusingly so.

  6. Rene Duranona diyor ki:

    There’s a coffee chain in Indonesia called Excelso. They do an Avocado Coffee. Basically a big glass with coffe, avocado juice, maybe a scoop of vanilla ice cream surrounded by chocolate shavings. I always have it every time I go there. Totally recommend it 😁

  7. Bruce Humphries diyor ki:

    Was recently introduced to the original Machiatto and you nailed that SB has managed to mess up the newer version.

    I’m also one who does the Breve, but now I think I’ll go for cappuccinos

  8. Miguel Henderson diyor ki:

    In response to the part about temperature and the proteins in milk it sounds like pasteurization could negatively change the steaming process. Any comments on this? Anybody experimented with raw milk versus pasteurized?

  9. Jenna Gets Creative diyor ki:

    The Tim Hortons coffee chain here in Canada stopped making the cafe mocha properly (if they ever did at all) a decade or so ago. I noticed they were just putting their regular coffee in the cup first, filled about halfway, and then topping it off with hot chocolate. If you ask them for a mocha, this is what you get. It's sweeter, for sure, and frankly improves their coffee, but it's not a true mocha. Now for the confession part: I like it, and it taught me how I can make use of cheap grocery store instant coffee without hating the experience. 1 spoonful of instant coffee, 2-3 spoonfuls of hot chocolate powder, hot water, presto homemade imitation of a cafe mocha that makes a $4 jar of instant coffee taste okay.

  10. Cris Martín diyor ki:

    Hi James! I'm Spanish and was quite surprised by your definition of the Cortado. I've always had that one with more coffee than milk (not sure of the ratio though, 3:1 or 2:1 coffee to milk probably?). For a 1:1 we normally just say Café con leche (coffee with milk). Thanks for all the videos, love them! 🙂

  11. gianculo diyor ki:

    In Turin and other part of Italy there is also the so-called “marocchino” that is a hazelnut cream version of the mocha I discovered here. There may be an interesting story behind the name. Also a super weird one is the professore from a place in Naples. just espresso with sugary hazelnut cream

  12. David Hilmy diyor ki:

    red eye = "shot in the dark"! I've also heard of a caffe zorro which I think is similar to an americano but with double the espresso, ie. espresso to water is 2:1, and then there is a caffe Guillermo which I assume is a Latin-American version of the Romano using lime

  13. vicktaru diyor ki:

    No love for the café con leche for all the Latino viewers? That drink is where Café Bustelo shines. I felt for you watching you blind taste test Bustelo black when you were comparing super market coffee. 🤣

  14. Samantha Graves diyor ki:

    I’ve heard a Long Black is the “correct” way to craft an Americano. I know you said it doesn’t really make a difference, but perhaps you could explain on that a little more?

  15. Arinarmo diyor ki:

    Very late to this but in Mexico and Spain there's a drink called a Carajillo, which is a shot of espresso mixed with a shot of alcohol (typically Licor 43, but sometimes rum or even mezcal) in a 1 to 1 ratio, iced and with a little sugar.

    It's typically drank in the afternoon after a large meal to help digestion and it's delicious.

  16. Chronovore diyor ki:

    Cafe Corretto with a good grappa is delightful. You can also substitute grappa for whiskey in an Irish Coffee. Grappa, Irish cream, and coffee gets you an Irish-Italian. 😉

  17. Dave Wolfie diyor ki:

    In Australia and NZ, and possibly elsewhere, if one orders a cappuccino, the drink comes dusted with chocolate. Some places will drizzle a chocolate sauce over the foam instead. Is this something that we made up along with the flat white/long black?

  18. Remco van Hartevelt diyor ki:

    For my ratio I have almost a minimum of 1 to 4 with grindsize to big for what the previous owners had set the grinder for making espresso. I have to do that to not make the espresso taste over extracted aca not as sour as a citron.
    Is my espresso machine poorly made or is there something else to do? Milk drinks taste great and for me the "espresso" tastes good enough, but I haven't got much experience with other machines nor been to Italy

  19. Remco van Hartevelt diyor ki:

    if hot stuff expands, the higher the brew temperature is the less it should weight in an Italian espresso, with equal crema oc. idk have a comment

  20. Erik Bergström diyor ki:

    I did wonder about the Cortado. Here in Sweden there's a coffee house chain called Espresso house, and their cortado is to me a just-right dilution, so to speak, of an espresso. It's strong, but not quite as strong as an espresso and doesn't come with latte art so I guess they do it in the more traditional sense

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